This is a place to share common problems and solutions to them.

Can't build my amber project

Sometimes, you are trying to build an amber project in a new machine and crystal doesn't have all dependencies required by default. Then, ensure to install all development packages for openssl git, yaml, libevent, and sqlite3, postgresql, or mysql.

Can't connect to database

Sometimes, you're trying to run your amber project and you get an database connection error. Then, ensure your database is running and the database_url is well specified on config/environments/{your-enviroment-file}.yml, or on DATABASE_URL environment variable. Also remember to run bin/amber db drop create migrate , before executing your project.

Can't update dependencies

On new crystal 0.25.0 release, the shards command has a global cache issue, already reported here and fixed on next version. Until crystal 0.25.1 is released, you can fix your dependencies by removing global shards cache and shards files.

rm -rf ~/.cache/shards
rm -rf shard.lock
rm -rf lib

Something else doesn't work

Ask around on the Amber Gitter channel, or create an issue.

If you figure it out, edit this document as a courtesy to the next person having the same problem.

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