amber new

This is the first command that you will run when generating a new Amber application. It creates a new Amber application with a default directory structure and configuration setting at the path you specify.

An .amber.yml configuration file is generated a long with the default application directory structure. This stores some metadata for the Amber CLI to make use of for generating migrations, scaffolding templates, and more.

amber new [OPTIONS] NAME

Generates a new Amber project

  NAME  name/path of project

  -d                Select the database database engine, can be one of: pg | mysql | sqlite
                    (default: pg)
  --minimal         Does not install npm dependencies
  --no-color        Disable colored output
  --no-deps         Does not install dependencies, this avoids running shards update
  -r                Use a named recipe.  See documentation at
  -t                Selects the template engine language, can be one of: slang | ecr
                    (default: slang)
  -y, --assume-yes  Assume yes to disable interactive mode
  -h, --help        show this help

See the Recipes option of the Command Line Tool for information about using recipes to generate applications.

Example Usage

Using amber new microsecond-blog will generate a skeleton Amber application in ./microsecond-blog. You can have a running web application in a matter of minutes:

amber new microsecond-blog -d sqlite
cd microsecond-blog
amber watch
open http://localhost:3000

Full example in terminal:

$ amber new microsecond-blog
Rendering App microsecond-blog in ./microsecond-blog
new       .amber.yml
new       .amber_secret_key
new       .gitignore
new       .travis.yml
new       config/
new       config/database.yml
... [clipped]
new       src/views/layouts/_nav.slang
new       src/views/layouts/application.slang
new       src/
$ cd microsecond-blog/
$ shards install
... [clipped]
Installing garnet_spec (0.1.1)
$ amber watch        
02:58:23 Watcher    | (INFO) Watching 22 files (server reload)...
02:58:23 Watcher    | (INFO) Building project microsecond-blog...
02:58:31 Watcher    | (INFO) Terminating app microsecond-blog...
02:58:31 Watcher    | (INFO) Starting microsecond-blog...
02:58:31 Server     | (INFO) Amber 0.7.2 serving application "microsecond-blog" at
02:58:31 Server     | (INFO) Server started in development.
02:58:31 Server     | (INFO) Startup Time 00:00:00.000182000
02:58:31 Watcher    | Watching 10 client files...

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