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Respond With

Respond to multiple request types easily and conveniently
If we need to render a template to html render("template.slang") works nicely. A lot of times we want to respond with json, xml, text or something else. In those cases, we can use respond_with.
Amber will use 2 methods to determine which response type to use:
  1. 1.
    The accepts header
  2. 2.
    A url extension
These are the currently supported response types:
html: "text/html"
json: "application/json"
txt: "text/plain"
text: "text/plain"
xml: "application/xml"
js: "application/javascript"


class PetController < ApplicationController
def index
pets = Pet.all
respond_with do
html render("index.slang")
# Each response type also accepts a block
# The JSON response would be triggered from the following
# GET /pets/index.json
# GET /pets/index with the `accepts: application/json` header
json do
# This is another valid block format
xml { render("index.xml.slang", layout: false) }
text { "Here are your pets #{pets.try(&.join(", ")}" }
txt "Here are your pets #{pets.try(&.join(", ")}"
If you do not specify a response type with the accepts header or using the dot notation in the url, you will get the first defined response type. In this example you would get the html response.
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