File Upload

File uploading is very simple. Files are detected and turned into Amber::Router::File and put into a temporary file cache.

You can access files from the params macro using the files method.


This will return a Hash(String, Amber::Router::File) object that you can work with. The attributes you can access are:

file : File
filename : String?
headers : HTTP::Headers
creation_time : Time?
modification_time : Time?
read_time : Time?
size : UInt64?

For example, let's say we have a controller with a create method that we want someone to POST a JSON body that includes a file to upload:

# header: `accept: audio/mp3`
# POST body
# {
#    "audio_file": // binary data for the audio file
#    "file_name": "some_file_name.mp3"
# }
def create
  uploaded_file = params.files["audio_file"]
  uploaded_file_name = params["file_name"]
  # Do whatever you want with the files and your method 😄

First you need an amber project generated with Amber CLI or from scratch.

You still require a form to upload your file, see views. Also see request and response.

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