The amber watch compiles and runs your project. It also monitors for changes and rebuilds when necessary.
Here is a list of the commands available:
amber watch or amber w
amber watch [OPTIONS]
-b, --build Overrides the default build command
(default: crystal build ./src/[process_name].cr)
--build-args Specifies arguments for the build command
-i, --info Shows the values for build/run commands, build/run args, and watched files
-n, --name Sets the name of the app process
(default: [process_name])
--no-build Skips the build step
-r, --run Overrides the default run command
(default: ./[process_name])
--run-args Specifies arguments for the run command
-w, --watch (multiple) Overrides default files and appends to list of watched files
(default: ./src/**/*.cr, ./src/**/*.ecr)
-h, --help show this help


$ amber watch
02:58:23 Watcher | (INFO) Watching 22 files (server reload)...
02:58:23 Watcher | (INFO) Building project App01...
02:58:31 Watcher | (INFO) Terminating app App01...
02:58:31 Watcher | (INFO) Starting App01...
02:58:31 NodeJS | (INFO) Installing dependencies...
02:58:31 NodeJS | (INFO) Watching public directory
02:58:31 Server | (INFO) Amber 0.7.2 serving application "App01" at
02:58:31 Server | (INFO) Server started in development.
02:58:31 Server | (INFO) Startup Time 00:00:00.000182000
02:58:31 Watcher | Watching 10 client files...
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