System Tests

Setting Up System Specs
We have made it as simple as possible to have your system specs. Before running your specs ensure you have installed the chromedriver and that selenium-server standalone is in your system path.
Mac OS
You can install the chromedriver and selenium standalone server with brew
brew install selenium-server-standalone
brew install chromedriver
This will install the chrome driver on the system path /usr/local/bin/chromedriver
If you're running in a different OS such as Linux you can specify the chromedriver path as such
module GarnetSpec
DRIVER = :chrome
PATH = "/usr/local/bin/chromedriver"
System tests allows test user interactions with your application, running tests in either a real chrome browser. System tests use the Selenium Standalone Server.
For creating Amber system tests, you use the spec/system directory in your application. Here's how a system test looks like:
class SomeFeature < GarnetSpec::System::Test
scenario "user visits amber framework and sees getting started button" do
visit ""
timeout 1000
click_on(:css, "header a.btn.btn-primary")
wait 2000
element(:tag_name, "body").text.should contain "Introduction"
scenario "user visits amberframwork homepage and sees logo" do
visit ""
wait 2000
element(:class_name, "img-amber-logo").attribute("src").should match(
Run your specs with crystal spec
System Test currently only work with the Chrome Browser
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